Connecting Beyond the Classroom: Use of Viber as a Support Tool for Enhancing Essay Writing Skills and Online Language Learning Engagement among Students

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This research study discovered students' online English learning engagement through the use of Viber as a support tool in essay writing by the first-year English majors at a university level with a total of ten participants, five women and five men. It employed the Quasi-experimental design, and pre-and post-test design was used to measure the language learning engagement of the first-year students at a tertiary level. Data were analyzed through frequency count and percentage with the help of SPSS. The result shows that student engagement and level of attitude in language class before the utilization of VST is very low. This means they are very upset in the language class, especially in writing. However, after using VST, their attitude towards writing changes, which means that Viber positively impacts their attitude towards writing. It is also found that they are proficient and well-immersed in writing. Based on the pre-test and post-test scores, they may use Viber as a Support tool or opt to use traditional support because this study revealed that their performance in writing remains good for the two interventions. However, teachers may consider the view of students on using Viber, for this gives them greater efficiency in writing because it makes them focus. Teachers may consider incorporating Viber in their teaching methods to enhance their students' writing skills and overall learning experience.

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World Journal of English Language

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