Online banking: A comparative study of Chinese and Saudi customers perceptions of service quality

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Level of service quality (SQ) provided by an organization creates and develops company competitive advantage for it in the market place. The increasing technological service facilitators (e-services) create a new platform and bolster the banking industry in order to provide a high quality of service. Online banking provides a new way to connect with customers. The current research accrued data pertaining to customers’ views about the quality of online banking in two emerging economies: China and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Two major measuring scales-E-S-QUAL (a three item scale) and E-RecS-QUAL (a seventeen item scale) are used for this study. Data was collected through online survey in both countries covering a sample of 222 customers. The results showed similarities between the two countries. Loyalty intention is affected by perceived value and privacy while system is also affected by perceived value. While fulfillment impacts on loyalty intention in China, it does not influence any variables in KSA. Compensation impacts perceived value in China but shows no significant impact in KSA. In both countries, loyalty intention is more valuable than perceived value. Thus the study revealed an in-depth understanding of a consumer’s perceptions about the online services of various banking institutions in KSA and China.

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Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce

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