Structuralistic analysis of the poem “The Stone Chat” by Taufeeq Rafat in perspective of binary opposition

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The aim of this research study is to apply Structuralism (a Linguistic movement related to scientific study of words as signs) as a theoretical framework on the poem “The Stone Chat” by Taufiq Rafat, a prominent Pakistani poet. The study focuses on, presenting Structuralistic analysis (relation between sign and signifier) of the selected text, as proposed by the Swiss Structuralist, De Saussure. Besides, this paper particularly is a textual analysis of a Pakistani piece of poetry by application of linguistic concept of binary opposites (paired opposite) as proposed by a Linguist Levi-Strauss (a linguist) in his book Structuralist Anthropology, (1950). The searching of text for binary oppositions is the targeted endeavor of this study with the focus to analyze how far they are skillfully and contextually positioned in this poem. Hence, the researchers intend to focus on the antithetical forces and binary ideas present in the text. The close textual analysis of the poem is aimed at in this context, since The Stone Chat has antithetical ideas in abundance. Furthermore, the proposed study underhand, focuses upon bringing to foreground the syntagmatic relation (concept of chain) between signifiers as they are employed in linguistic framework or pattern of this poem. Besides, to the fact how text (signifiers) acts and reacts (contradicts) to its linguistic framework, this paper aims to analyze the variations in tone, attitude and thinking perspectives of speaker in the poem. Furthermore, the close textual analysis, descriptive and interpretive methods as research techniques have been utilized in this study. This research study is likely to contribute to fields of Linguistics, Literary theory and Pakistani literature as a distinct genre.

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International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature

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