A single-factor dynamic authentication for computer systems with touch screens

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Today, most of the computer users still rely on singlefactor static authentication, which only requires a pair of username/password for the user to log into the system. However, more and more severe security breaches in each year prompt us that we need to develop a better authentication mechanism. One solution is to adopt the multi-factor authentication. However, it is financially not possible to implement multi-factor, even just two-factor, authentication for all the computer users. In this paper, we propose a single-factor dynamic authentication (SiFaDA) that relies on a virtual one-time password (VOTP) technique to achieve best security level similar to any OTP techniques for computer systems with touch screens. It requires a single-factor, but transmits an OTP produced by an agent installed in the client computer to the server for dynamic authentication. Thus, this technique will significantly increase security, same as any OTP techniques, but dramatically reduce the negative issues in deployment complexity in all multi-factor authentication techniques.

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23rd International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering, SEDE 2014

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