Enhancing decisions with criteria for quality

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Purpose: This paper is intended to offer a practical perspective on how to achieve high quality of decisions. Design/methodology/approach: The paper uses an inductive approach by looking at all the issues that deserve consideration in one or more of the steps in the decision-making process to ensure that none are overlooked that are relevant to the respective decision. It suggests eight guidelines for decision-makers for this purpose. The guidelines apply primarily to the non-technical (soft) aspects of decisions. Findings: Eight guidelines are described. When considered in every significant decision they will bring considerable assurance that the outcome of the decision will be as close as possible to the desired one. The primary conclusion is that development of the habit to use guidelines, either those provided by the paper, or similarly comprehensive ones, help to ensure high quality decisions because they help the decision maker ensure that few if any relevant issues are ignored. Practical implications: The practical implications of the regular use of meaningful guidelines lies with the decision quality they enhance. Social implications: Better decisions throughout society. Originality/value: Unique approach to ensuring highest possible quality of decisions. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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Management Decision

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