The engagement in musical activities of young children with varied hearing abilities

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This multiple case study examined the musical experiences of five hard-of-hearing/deaf children (hearing loss ranging from 35-95 dB) and four typical-hearing children, ages 3-4. Their responses to various musical activities were observed and analysed using flow indicators. It was found that both groups of children: (1) were capable of engaging in musical activities; (2) demonstrated musical knowledge in musical structure, musical styles, beat and rhythmn; (3) expressed their need to communicate through music; (4) showed that their quality of flow experience was dependent upon individual characteristics; and (5) indicated that their exhibition of flow experience was affected by the nature of musical activities. It was concluded that musical activities can be pleasurable for hard of hearing/deaf children even if their perception of music is different from children with typical hearing. There is a need for a variety of activities that can encourage development of various skills and aspects of flow experience. Teachers need to respect children's different learning needs and believe in their learning abilities. © 2011 Taylor & Francis.

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Music Education Research

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