A green wireless sensor network for environmental monitoring and risk identification

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A sensor-based community network for environmental data gathering and predictive analysis has been developed. A mesh network of wireless sensors reports data to a central site for environmental monitoring and risk identification. Data analysis and visual presentation is provided in a geographical and temporal context. This network is considered green due to decreased energy usage by the overall network as well as its actual application, which permits environmental information to be contextually presented and communicated with concerned urban community as well as decision makers. Periodic data reporting from the sensor network, in contrast with the usual timestamp synchronisation, reduces the amount of communication required between network nodes, resulting in an overall energy saving, while not compromising the nature of the data gathered. The sensor network applications provide an outstanding representation of green networking as sparse but sufficient environmental monitoring, accompanied by real-time data analysis, and historical pattern identification permits risk identification in support of public safety and protection. © 2011 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.

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International Journal of Sensor Networks

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