Relationships among pet attachment support and human health outcomes in women of color

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Pets and their relationship with humans affect human health. In some cultures pets are often seen as members of the family; however, this may not be true in all communities of color in the United States. The enhancement of human health is a fundamental focus in nursing practice and nurse researchers have an obligation to investigate the mechanisms that are associated with health so that through the evolution of this knowledge, evidence-based interventions can be designed and implemented. The utilization of pets as a supportive and coping resource is promising in the promotion of health in women of color. Moreover, research suggests that there are variations in pet attachment depending on ethnicity and cultural factors. The purpose of this chapter is to explore pet attachment and human health outcomes in women of color and ethnic variations in pet attachment. Implications for future research and public policy will be discussed. © 2009 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Black Women'S Health: Challenges And Opportunities

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