Impact of Case-Based Instruction on Student Teachers' Reflection on Facilitating Children's Learning

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The purpose of this original quasi-experimental research was to investigate the potential for using case-based instruction during the student teaching seminar as a means for promoting practicum student teachers' critical reflection about facilitating children's learning. In addition, the study explored the impact of varied modes for delivering case-based instruction on the quality of student teachers' reflective narratives. Sixty-eight undergraduate students who were enrolled in the teacher certification program participated in the study as a member of one of three groups. During the 6-week instructional period, two groups learned using case-based instruction plus traditional instruction, and one group studied the same curriculum using traditional instruction only, without case-based instruction. Overall, trend analyses suggest that case-based instruction results in improved reflection about facilitating children's learning. Furthermore, there is evidence that computer-based cases that offer video vignettes and interactive discussion questions have greater impact on the quality of student teachers' reflection about children's learning than do paper-based cases.

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Action in Teacher Education

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