A practical focus on leadership in management - For research, education and management development

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Purpose - To provide an explanation of an approach to education and development for leadership in organizations, as distinct from education about leadership. Design/methodology/approach - The paper refers to leadership in private as well as public organizations and organizational units, to all types of managers including those of non-supervisory functions affecting stakeholders, and even to personal affairs. It suggests a decision-assisting model based on the issues that should be considered in decisions pertaining to matters involving leadership roles. It is based on three foundations: comparison of decision-making practices involving leadership aspects of management with decision making in other professional fields; analysis of the actual and potential impact of leadership and motivation theories on leadership decisions; and responsibilities involved in effectively applying leadership to management activities in all fields. Findings - The paper reports on the informal research process that resulted in the development of the model. Research implications - Extensive possible research is outlined that could gradually overcome the enormous obstacles to empirical validation of the model. Practical implication - The model is relatively simple, consisting of eight groups of considerations, in the form of questions that help to ensure that leadership decisions consider all relevant issues. The approach outlined here is highly practical and can easily be applied. Originality/value - The model is unique and highly practical for all individuals who are in management and for those who are called on to assume leadership roles on teams, in their profession, in their family roles, and in other situations. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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Management Decision

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