A frame work for dual product representation of free form surfaces for CAD/CAM applications

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Parametric representation is the most common shape representation for product modeling in CAD/CAM systems. In-spite of the high efficiency of the parametric representation in memory saving and computational speed, it lacks fundamental properties to respond to some functional requirements. The dual product modeling is based on combining the merits of the parametric and polyhedral surface representations using the principal of subdivision surfaces. An initial surface mesh (can be the net of the surface control points) and a recursive subdivision procedure defines the subdivision surface. Each time the subdivision process is performed, more populated mesh is generated. Hence, Dynamic surfaces can be formed and more accurate tool path can be generated. This is accomplished through a pre-defined algorithm that swings the surface representation from the parametric form to its mesh in the Cartesian space. The result is a geometric representation that not only can respond to shape modeling, but also to product functional requirement such as: error compensation, establishing feedback loop (currently missing in CAM systems). This approach can have a great impact on product precision, quality, and product dimensional stability.

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Transactions of the North American Manufacturing Research Institute of SME

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