COVID-19 non-death loss and acceptance coping: A 3-wave cross-lagged panel analysis

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Numerous individuals have lost loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic while millions of others have also experienced ongoing pervasive non-death loss. The understanding of how people deal with non-death loss is still relatively limited. Incorporating theory of coping and loss, this study examines the reciprocal relationship between non-death loss and acceptance coping. Based on the results of a cross-lagged panel model involving 314 participants in China, we found that before the end of the zero-Covid policy, non-death loss at Time 1 predicted less acceptance coping at Time 2, but in the opening up stage in late 2022, non-death loss at time 2 did not predict acceptance coping at time 3. The findings have significant implications for understanding the interplay between non-death loss and acceptance coping and highlights abrupt psychological changes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Social and Personality Psychology Compass



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