Chinese calligraphic handwriting practice promotes positive affect in adolescents: Converging evidence from correlational and experimental designs

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Chinese calligraphic handwriting (CCH) practice has proven to be beneficial to several aspects of psychological health and has been considered a complementary therapy for mental disorders. However, less is known about whether CCH practice benefits an individual's positive affect, a core component of affective well-being. Therefore, we examined this question in Chinese adolescents by combining correlational and experimental methods. In Study 1 (N = 1460), we found that high school students who practiced CCH had higher positive affect in their daily lives than those who did not practice CCH. In Study 2, a training experiment was conducted with college students, who were randomly assigned to receive either CCH training or no treatment. A six-day short-term CCH training led to a significant benefit in positive affect in the training group (N = 23) relative to the control group (N = 27). Together, our study provides converging evidence that CCH practice can promote positive affect in adolescents, further supporting the promotion of CCH in mental health practice.

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Acta Psychologica



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