A novel secure cryptography model for data transmission based on Rotor64 technique

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In recent years, there have been many Security vulnerabilities that threaten user security, these threats have led to the finding of user files, so the use of the Internet has become unlimited, and the number of digital network devices has increased,Therefore, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of information has become an urgent necessity to preserve user information, due to the increase in hackers and intruders, and the innovation of modern methods of penetration every day. Data cryptography has proven to be a secure way to protect a user's data. Many current cryptography algorithms are considered weak regarding data transmission over the Internet, so newly updated algorithms are in high demand. In this paper, we proposed to develop the ancient rotor machine depending on the base64 codding technique, in which we replaced the alphabets of the ancient rotor machine with the alphabets of base64 that contain 64 characters. Furthermore, we proposed a key exchange based on One-time password OTP code via SMS, OTP is mechanism for logging on to a network using unique password that can only be used once, to overcome the static password method that is least secure, and used it to generate the subkeys for rotor machines based on hash and random permutation techniques. MD5 algorithm function is used to authenticate the original message, Finally, we experimented with these techniques of secure sending e-mails by encrypting the contents of them with the proposed technique. However, the proposed security technique got promising results.

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