In vitro exposure of adenovirus types 5 and 7 in oropharyngeal secretions to cigarette smoke

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Adenovirus types 5 and 7 were suspended in clarified oropharyngeal secretions. After 1 ml of suspension was dispersed in a thin layer over a 25-cm2 surface in a flask, the suspension was exposed at 37°C to eight 25-ml puffs of smoke from one cigarette. A mechanical smoking apparatus was used. Nonfilter cigarettes used had 23 mg of tar and 1.4 mg of nicotine, and filter cigarettes used had 19 mg of tar and 1.2 mg of nicotine. Smoke was flushed from the flask with normal filtered air. At 0, 0.25, and 1 h after exposure to smoke, untreated and smoke-treated viruses were titrated with monolayer cultures of human epithelioid (HEp-2) cells. Normal air was in contact with the suspensions between puffs and between smoke treatments and virus titrations. Smoke from filter or nonfilter cigarettes had no effect on the infectivity and replication of adenovirus types 5 and 7. Smoke from four cigarettes administered over a 4-h period caused a 2- to 3-log10 drop in the titers of both viruses. Smoke from four cigarettes was also highly toxic to HEp-2 host cells of the viruses.

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Applied and Environmental Microbiology

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