Metabolic and physiological responses of college females to prior exercise, varied rest intervals and a strenuous endurance task

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Selected metabolic and physiological response of college aged women were examined in this study. These parameters were measured during prior exercise (PE), various rest intervals which preceded a strenuous endurance task and during the first 2 minutes of the endurance task. 8 women performed PE on a treadmill at a workload designed to elevate heart rate (HR) to approximately 140 bpm. This PE induced HR was maintained for 2 minutes. After the prior exercise, the subjects rested for either 30 or 90 seconds before starting a strenuous cardiorespiratory criterion task (CT). Subjects also performed the criterion task without any prior exercise. The criterion task involved an all out run to exhaustion at a speed of 5 mph and a slope corresponding to 95-100% of each subject's maximal oxygen consumption. Selected parameters which included oxygen consumption, heart rate, ventilation rate, oxygen pulse, and oxygen deficit were statistically analyzed during the prior exercise, rest interval and criterion task. The results support the hypothesis that PE may mobilize the oxygen transport system which would thereby reduce the initial oxygen deficit of a strenuous cardiorespiratory criterion task.

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Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness

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