Distribution and particle properties of the vacuolar apparatus of cardiac muscle tissue. III. Effects of adrenalectomy and corticoid treatment

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Density sedimentation (rho-S) zonal centrifugation studies of rat hearts from animals treated with pharmacological doses of corticosterone revealed decreases in protein concentration, total RNA and enzyme activity for several organelles. Glucose 6 phosphatase, and protease activity in the neutral and alkaline range were increased. Acid hydrolase activities from cardiac vacuolar appratus cells and connective tissue cells were all decreased in their major rho-S coordinates. 4 Hr after intra peritoneal injection of H-corticosterone, 95% of the radioactivity remained in nuclear fraction. Total body weights were depressed, hearts were edematous and heart Na/K ratios were increased. Heart tissue from adrenalectomized rats revealed increases in acid hydrolase activity in all portions of the vacuolar apparatus except the small particles which were sedimented from fractions with an equilibrium density of 1.09 g/ml, where both enzyme activity and protein concentration were reduced.

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