Intelligent Optimization Prediction and Application Based on Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

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In today's era, the leading role of information technology in economic and social development is very obvious. Without informatization, there would be no modernization. With the development of information technology, information data is growing rapidly. Collecting, sorting, summarizing and classifying effective data can help individuals, enterprises and others have a clearer understanding of the future and make reasonable plans in advance. Data mining technology can mine valuable information from a large number of data, which makes full use of statistics, databases, knowledge information and so on. The development of artificial intelligence has elevated the development of information technology to a new level, become the focus of international competition, and have a significant impact on economic and social development. Through the research of statistical analysis, data mining technology and artificial intelligence, this paper aims to collect and organize valuable data efficiently from a large number of data. Use intelligent optimization algorithms to make the best use of this data to make predictions. Intelligent optimization prediction can be applied to the personalized plan formulation of network security defense, learning platform, weather forecast, online shopping platform, and short video platform. The experiment shows that intelligent optimal prediction can improve the accuracy of prediction. Applying it to cybersecurity defense can improve detection rates by about 15%, and applying it to weather forecasting can improve prediction success rates by about 30%.

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2023 3rd International Symposium on Computer Technology and Information Science, ISCTIS 2023

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