Fuzzy Logic-Based Approach for Location Identification and Routing in the Outdoor Environment

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Finding the precise and accurate location of devices on road networks is challenging in remote areas with poor internet connectivity and Global Positioning System coverage. Navigation applications that completely depend on the internet and reference spatial data for location identification and mapping do not perform well in case of frequent internet disconnection. These reference spatial data sources have many associated challenges like large size, errors in data, and restricted access. To address these challenges, this paper provides an approach for localization and routing using self-generated reference data using likelihood estimation. According to the proposed approach, the trajectory information is used to create the reference data in the format of Comma Separated Values (CSV). This reference data is first analyzed for quality issues and then used for navigation purposes. Further for the localization Sugeno Fuzzy Model is used as a fuzzy inference system for the initial localization and subsequent mapping of the location. The proposed approach is validated using an Android application on seven predefined routes. According to the performed result analysis, the proposed fuzzy logic-based approach is able to provide location identification with 98.9 percent accuracy with a root mean square error value of 3 percent.

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IEEE Access

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