A dual hesitant q-rung orthopair enhanced MARCOS methodology under uncertainty to determine a used PPE kit disposal

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Healthcare waste management is regarded as the most critical concern that the entire world is currently and will be confronted with in the near future. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the significant growth in medical waste frightened the globe, prompting it to investigate safe disposal methods. Plastics are developing as a severe environmental issue as a result of their increased use during the COVID-19 pandemic which has triggered a global catastrophe and prompted concerns about plastic waste management. One of the biggest challenges in this circumstance is the disposal of discarded PPE kits. The purpose of this research is to find a viable disposal treatment procedure for enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE) (facemasks, gloves, and other protective equipment) and other single-use plastic medical equipment waste in India during the COVID-19 crises, which will aid in effectively reducing their increasing quantity. To analyse the PPE waste disposal problem in India, we used the fuzzy Measurement Alternatives and Ranking according to the Compromise Solution (MARCOS) technique, which included the dual hesitant q-rung orthopair fuzzy set. The fuzzy Best Worst Method (BWM), which is compatible with the existing MCDM approaches, is used to establish the criteria weights. Sensitivity and comparative analyses are utilised to confirm the stability and validity of the proposed strategy.

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Environmental Science and Pollution Research

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