An Integrated Algorithmic MADM Approach for Heart Diseases’ Diagnosis Based on Neutrosophic Hypersoft Set with Possibility Degree-Based Setting

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The possibility neutrosophic hypersoft set (pNHs-set) is a generalized version of the possibility neutrosophic soft set (pNs-set). It tackles the limitations of the pNs-set regarding the use of the multi-argument approximate function. This function maps sub-parametric tuples to a power set of the universe. It emphasizes the partitioning of each attribute into its respective attribute-valued set. These features make it a completely new mathematical tool for solving problems dealing with uncertainties. This makes the decision-making process more flexible and reliable. In this study, after characterizing some elementary notions and algebraic operations of the pNHs-set, Sanchez’s method (a classical approach for medical diagnosis) is modified under the pNHs-set environment. A modified algorithm is proposed for the medical diagnosis of heart diseases by integrating the concept of the pNHs-set and the modified Sanchez’s method. The authenticity of the proposed algorithm is evaluated through its implementation in a real-world scenario with real data from the Cleveland data set for heart diseases. The beneficial aspects of the proposed approach are evaluated through a structural comparison with some pertinent existing approaches.

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