AnonSURP: an anonymous and secure ultralightweight RFID protocol for deployment in internet of vehicles systems

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With the rapid development in world-wide technologies affecting large-scale applications, the Internet of Things (IoT) has gained a lot of attention from such applications. The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) technology is an exploration of the IoT where radio frequency identification (RFID), one of the promising technologies, can be employed in the IoV systems. However, security and privacy are a key concern in RFID-based IoV system. In the RFID systems during wireless communication among the tag and the reader, an adversary can perform malicious attacks and compromise data privacy. Apart from privacy and security issues, the computation capability and memory of the tags are very limited as compared to the backend server and the reader; therefore, an RFID-based authentication protocol suffers from the high computational overhead. To overcome these issues, we have put forward an anonymous and secure ultralightweight RFID protocol for Internet of Vehicles (AnonSURP). In order to reduce the overhead of the RFID tags, we have exploited the cross and the left rotate operations instead of a hash function for data encryption. In particular, the proposed protocol aims at ensuring the user’s location privacy, data privacy, and resisting typical known attacks. Also, the proposed protocol is ensuring the low-cost of the RFID tags and providing fast certification speed. The informal analysis ensures that the protocol AnonSURP meets the various security requirements and provides resistance from various known attacks. Finally, a comparative analysis has been performed that demonstrates the better performance of the proposed protocol from the existing protocols.

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Journal of Supercomputing

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