Increasing Computing Participation through School Counselors

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While computer science programs are available in many US K-12 schools, students often do not enroll for various reasons such as lack of awareness or encouragement. School counselors, positioned to have an important impact on students' access to educational and career opportunities, often lack information on computer science content, curriculum, and careers. To address this problem, school counselors from underserved school districts are receiving professional learning (PL) on computer careers, the need for additional K-12 student enrollment in computer science courses, and strategies to discuss computer careers with all students in the school. Preliminary data showed that fewer than half the participants had information about CS curriculum and career options before the PL, but gained information about CS and changed their advising practices after a few sessions. The objective is to assess if the PL for the K-12 school counselor community measurably affects the interactions and equity awareness of K-12 school counselors.

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SIGCSE 2022 - Proceedings of the 53rd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education V.2

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