Behavior-based swarm model using fuzzy controller for route planning and E-waste collection

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Nowadays, because of the increase in consumption of electronic equipment and its resource utilization, household e-waste has been generated gradually. The increase in e-waste generation brought environmental burdens as well as a health risk in several nations. The disposal of e-waste in landfills is not recommended due to some poisonous and contaminated chemicals. The improper collection of e-waste leads to a negative impact on human health and also causes air pollution, as well as the long-term effects on the environment. To address such issues, the behavior-based swarm model using a fuzzy controller (BSFC) is proposed for efficient e-waste collection. The proposed algorithm is employed to solve the problem based on routing associated with the time window for the heterogeneous fleet of the e-waste collection vehicle. The approach is provided for the online system that enables the people to request for the collection of e-waste components and also to solve the vehicle’s routing problem. The optimization result demonstrates the decrease in the collection cost and also the on-time e-waste collection from the household. The method comprises the implementation of e-waste collection requests in China and India for several urban arrangements of buildings and streets. The proposed approach fetches considerable enhancement in vehicle routing plans for the e-waste collection, counting the positive social impacts for the waste collection, particularly in urban regions.

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Environmental Science and Pollution Research

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