Deep and handcrafted feature supported diabetic retinopathy detection: A study

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The eye is the prime sensory organ in physiology, and the abnormality in the eye severely influences the vision system. Therefore, eye irregularity is commonly assessed using imaging schemes, and Fundus Retinal Image (FRI) supported eye screening is one of the ophthalmological practices. This work proposed a Deep-Learning Procedure (DLP) to recognize Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) in FI. The proposed work presents the experimental work with different DLP methods found in the literature. This work is executed with two modes; (i) DR detection using conventional deep-features and (ii) DR discovery using deep ensemble features. To demonstrate this work, 1800 fundus images (900 regular and 900 DR class) are considered for the assessment, and the advantage of proposed plan is confirmed using various performance metrics. The experimental outcome of this study confirms that the AlexNet-based detection provides a better detection (>96%), and the deep ensemble features of AlexNet, VGG16, and ResNet18 provide a detection accuracy of >98% on the chosen FRI database.

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Procedia Computer Science

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