The impact of psychological ownership of knowledge on knowledge hiding behaviour: a bibliographic analysis

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This study of bibliometric analysis aims to identify the role of psychological ownership (PO) in knowledge hiding behaviour (KHB) by reviewing 46 publications from Web of Science (Wos) and Scopus. In the initial stage we examined the existing literature on PO and KHB. In the second step, we utilize the PRISMA approach for systematic literature review including identification, screening, and eligibility of relevant literature. In the third step, we utilize the VOS viewer and ARCGIS for further bibliometric analysis. Results show that the most productive country is China, with 17 institutions, the top one of which is Renmin University. The journal with the most articles published is the Journal of Knowledge Management. Important study areas were discovered by a keyword analysis, including knowledge management, psychological ownership, organizational/knowledge-based PO, employee knowledge, and knowledge work. It is observed that organizations will improve more if the PO of the knowledge decreases.

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Current Psychology



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