Globalizing the Field by Learning from Non-English-Based Nonprofit Studies: A Review of South Korean Nonprofit Literature

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The knowledge produced about the third sector in one country can provide useful insights to understand the nonprofit sector in other countries. It goes without saying “Knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted.” While the volume of research on the South Korean third sector has been growing in recent decades, its readership has been mostly limited to Korean language users, missing the opportunity to globalize knowledge. Recognizing an opportunity to spark conversations about how to share the third sector research done in one country with global readers, we conducted semantic network analysis to identify long-term patterns of research in South Korean third sector knowledge production, reviewing about 6500 nonprofit studies published between 1987 and 2019. With a bigram and trend analysis of key themes, we find key characteristics and discuss them in detail. This study contributes to the literature by highlighting the benefits of sharing knowledge produced in one country with scholars and practitioners in other countries.

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