Buy green only: Interplay between green marketing, corporate social responsibility and green purchase intention; the mediating role of green brand image

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Consumers around the globe are concerned about the environment and want to purchase from businesses that are more concerned about society and the environment. Therefore, businesses need to develop their image as socially responsible entities and build their green image through green marketing tactics to enhance the green purchase intentions of their consumers. The study is quantitative, and a convenience sampling technique is used to collect primary data through a self-administered questionnaire comprised of the demographic profile of the respondents and adopted scales of all the constructs of the study. The population of the study is students of different universities in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Statistical tests are performed with the help of SPSS_v.20 and PLS_v.4 (variance based) on 782 useable responses. Green marketing (GM) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are the independent variables, while green brand image (GBI) is mediating, and green purchase intention (GPI) is the dependent variable of the study. The results indicate that GM and CSR improved the GBI and built GPI. This study contributes to the social and environmental literature. It may help managers to formulate strategies to enhance the Green Purchase Intentions of customers by building a Green Brand Image.

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Business Strategy and Development

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