Sensitivity computation of Von Kármán’s swirling flow of nanoliquid under nonlinear Boussinesq approximation over a rotating disk with Stefan blowing and multiple slip effects

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Von Kármán’s rotatory motion of liquids finds its relevance in an extensive range of fields, including filter systems, heat exchangers, heat/mass transfer applications, rotatory machines, computer storage devices, combustion, geophysical applications, etc. The thermal difference in applications such as heat/mass transfer, heat exchangers and rotating machines is substantial, in those cases; the linear Boussinesq approximation is inadequate for modeling the density change due to the solute and the thermal differences. Therefore, in this paper computational study of the Von Kármán's rotatory dynamics of nanoliquid over a disc with thermal and solute buoyancy forces is presented. The nonlinear Boussinesq approximation is valid. The significance of Stefan blowing, multiple slips, Brownian movement of nanoparticles and thermophoresis are also analyzed. The similarity procedure and numerical method are employed to treat the prevailing nonlinear partial differential equations. The rates of heat and mass transport of the swirling flow system are optimized using the Response Surface Methodology. Sensitivity functions are estimated to explore the sensitivity of the rate of heat/mass transfer of system towards key factors. Among the thermophoresis and Brownian motion, the thermophoresis has the maximum control on the thermal field. The maximum heat and mass transfer rates are (Formula presented.) and (Formula presented.), respectively, with the optimal combination of key parameters is (Formula presented.), and (Formula presented.).

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Waves in Random and Complex Media



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