A Self-Served AI Tutor for Growth Mindset Teaching

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Recommender systems are a part of our everyday life. We are accustomed to see suggestions of what videos to watch, what products to buy, what apps to install, and what food to eat. We assume that these personalized suggestions are accurate because they are based on our personal profile, saved history, location, physical and online activities, and other factors. In this paper, we present an innovative application of a recommender system. We created a self-served AI tutor with recommender technologies that encourages a Growth Mindset when teaching Computer Science to a broader and inclusive audience. The AI tutor uses our in-house AI/ML algorithms to detect and provide constructive, encouraging feedback to facilitate Growth Mindset in students, which in turn yields positive learning outcomes in said students. We trained our app to detect Growth Mindset utilization in Computer Science teaching, through evaluating the Growth Mindset presence in text, audio/video recordings and live speeches. The app was also trained to generate recommendations for improving Computer Science teaching in terms of Growth Mindset. The promotion and widely adaptation of our AI tutor through a free online platform will help Computer Science teachers globally.

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Proceedings - 2022 5th International Conference on Information and Computer Technologies, ICICT 2022

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