ProbResist: A database for drug-resistant probiotic bacteria

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Drug resistance remains a global threat, and the rising trend of consuming probiotic-containing foods, many of which harbor antibiotic resistant determinants, has raised serious health concerns. Currently, the lack of accessibility to location-, drug-and species-specific information of drug-resistant probiotics has hampered efforts to combat the global spread of drug resistance. Here, we describe the development of ProbResist, which is a manually curated online database that catalogs reports of probiotic bacteria that have been experimentally proven to be resistant to antibiotics. ProbResist allows users to search for information of drug resistance in probiotics by querying with the names of the bacteria, antibiotic or location. Retrieved results are presented in a downloadable table format containing the names of the antibiotic, probiotic species, resistant determinants, region where the study was conducted and digital article identifiers (PubMed Identifier and Digital Object Identifier) hyperlinked to the original sources. The webserver also presents a simple analysis of information stored in the database. Given the increasing reports of drug-resistant probiotics, an exclusive database is necessary to catalog them in one platform. It will enable medical practitioners and experts involved in policy making to access this information quickly and conveniently, thus contributing toward the broader goal of combating drug resistance. Database URL: https://probresist.com.

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