Social media engagement: What motivates users' participation and consumption on TikTok during the coronavirus outbreak?

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By the year 2003, many social networking sites have emerged; people show great interest in social media and User Generated Content (UGC). Recently, due to the continuous coronavirus pandemic, TikTok, a Chinese video creation app, has seen a surge in downloads and tops the iOS App Store for the fifth quarter in a row. Based on the growing popularity of UGC, this chapter investigates the factors that influence users' participation and consumption of TikTok. This study combines UGT and TPB to develop a conceptual framework to analyze the relationship between independent variables (e.g., seeking information from videos, sharing videos, self- status seeking, social interaction, perceived entertainment, perceived utilities), and attitude towards TikTok and usage intention. This chapter will be of great value to enterprises' understanding of the influence of social media, and utilize it to gain user recognition, increase user stickiness, and expand the market.

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New Normal and New Rules in International Trade, Economics and Marketing

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