COVID-19's impact on supply Chains in Shenzhen City, China: Policy response and opportunities for SMEs

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Under the impact of COVID-19, supply chains were interrupted globally. The market demand was reduced, production and circulation across the country are almost at a standstill, and companies suffer from operating difficulties and cash flow risks. Generally, SMEs are affected most during disasters but have the least post- disaster reconstruction abilities. This chapter investigates the COVID- 19's impact on the Shenzhen supply chain in China from the public data and analyzes the internal factors and external factors. Policy responses issued by Shenzhen municipal government are gathered and comparatively analyzed using Disaster Management Theory. Shenzhen municipal government has issued many policies to support enterprises, especially SMEs, in responding to pandemic shocks, mainly including the following five categories: financial support, preferential tax, resumption of production, social security support, optimize services, and reduce costs. These policies are critical for SMEs' post- disaster reconstruction in the country.

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New Normal and New Rules in International Trade, Economics and Marketing

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