Energy transition and public behavior in Italy: A structural equation modelling

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This study aims to analyze the relationship between public behavior and energy transition in three Italian macro-regions. This article projects attention towards the causal relationship between consumer behavior, public perception, and awareness/knowledge in the eye of the energy transition. To obtain the results, the study deploys survey data in three Italian macro-areas through a questionnaire and uses structural equation modeling to analyze the relationships between variables. The result shows that perception and attitude are the key determinants, which influence and may change public behavior towards energy transition and RES use. Public perception is highly based on awareness and knowledge due to job type and education level because most of the participants were connected to academia directly and indirectly, and their ages range between 21 and 29 years. The study also finds the heterogeneity factors in the results between regions such as variation in consumer behavior, perception and awareness level due to different socioeconomic and demographic characteristics and regional disparities. The results indicate that there is a gap between actual and observed behavior because the consumer decision-making related to home purchasing products is still based on traditional behavior of purchasing like price, location and after that sustainability and energy efficiency. To promote renewable energy and make speed up the transition process, the initiative of awareness campaigns through media and social media, incentives schemes and green educational activities, helps to create a green culture in different societies.

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