Exploring information technology success of Augmented Reality Retail Applications in retail food chain

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Augmented reality retail applications (ARRAs) have emerged as rapidly developing innovative and futuristic retail innovation used in both physical store and online shops to improve the retail settings and customer experience. So, the objective of this research was to identify predictors of user benefits of ARRA in the retail food chain. By integrating the theory of information system success model, this study proposes a model to investigate the mediating effect of two values: (1) user satisfaction and (2) user continuance intention between quality perspective as explanatory variables (system, service, and information quality) and user benefits as the outcome variable. Both the mediating factors are found positively playing mediating roles among all proposed relationships. This paper provides valuable course of action for retailers and marketers on assessing customers satisfaction and using ARRA to create marketing strategies effectively.

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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services



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