Remittances from the italian emigrates in the usa, development and business cycles: From the bank of naples archival sources to the world bank data (1861-2017)

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Remittances from abroad have been a driver for the economic development, in particular for countries having large emigration rates such as Italy. This essay proposes an explorative research, outlining an analysis of: i) data and archival sources of the Bank of Naples' financial balances, the Italian National Institute of Statistics, the Italian Foreign Exchange Office and Bank of Italy, and the World Bank, and data from the sectoral publications; ii) instruments and a research agenda for the reconstruction and the harmonization of new long-run time series (1861-2017); iii) socioeconomic impact of the remittances and particularly of the Law 24/1901 for the Italian emigrates to the USA, focusing on the twelve years 1914-1925; iv) the financial innovations produced in this period to facilitate the use of the remittances, and the role of the Bank of Naples’ correspondents network. From the study the centrality of remittances from abroad for economic development in historical-economic terms emerges, and a regained scientific interest, that allow a revisitation of remittances as a resilience measure for sustainable development.

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RiMe Rivista dell'Istituto di Storia dell'Europa Mediterranea

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