Investigation of fractal-fractional order model of COVID-19 in Pakistan under Atangana-Baleanu Caputo (ABC) derivative

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This manuscript addressing the dynamics of fractal-fractional type modified SEIR model under Atangana-Baleanu Caputo (ABC) derivative of fractional order y and fractal dimension p for the available data in Pakistan. The proposed model has been investigated for qualitative analysis by applying the theory of non-linear functional analysis along with fixed point theory. The fractional Adams–bashforth iterative techniques have been applied for the numerical solution of the said model. The Ulam-Hyers (UH) stability techniques have been derived for the stability of the considered model. The simulation of all compartments has been drawn against the available data of covid-19 in Pakistan. The whole study of this manuscript illustrates that control of the effective transmission rate is necessary for stoping the transmission of the outbreak. This means that everyone in the society must change their behavior towards self-protection by keeping most of the precautionary measures sufficient for controlling covid-19.

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Results in Physics



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