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Lewis William Otto wrote from New York to Susan Kean, his sister-in-law, +address not included. He wrote about the relationship between the Count de M and Congress and between the Count and George Washington. He mentioned Robert Barnwell and said that his observations on Barnwell's conduct were not a complaint. He described for her a party held by the Count that the President attended. He said that he would soon have to return to Europe and hoped to return to America in a higher position. He planned on taking his daughter, Eliza Otto with him.

People Included: Madame de Brechan, Mr. de S. Tris, Madame De laForest, Mrs. Smoth, Mr. Dupont, Miss Griffin, Mr. de Brechan, Mrs. Houstoun, Mr. Smith, Miss Bayard, Ralph Izard, Mrs Colden, Ches. De Goyon, Miss Ludlow, Mr. Morris, and Governor Pinkney.


Lewis William Otto (b. 1754)


Susan Kean, formerly Susan Livingston, and later Susan Ursin Niemcewicz (1759-1833)

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New York, NY


Liberty Hall Collection, 1711-1847 (bulk 1790-1830)

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Bay 1, Column 1, LHC Series 2


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Lewis William Otto to Susan Kean, May 15, 1789


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