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John Kean wrote to Susan Kean, unaddressed. Kean was glad to hear Susan decided to stay with friends. In response to her question regarding their residence, Kean informed her that if the office they had in contemplation, or if the representation of the state in Congress was to take effect, he would continue to New York or wherever Congress decided to reside. If they were to return in the fall, it would be better to hire servants than to pay the passage for their slaves Celia, Sarah, and two children. If they were to stay longer, he would bring them. Kean discussed payment of £2,000 in debt towards plantation expenses and house repairs. Wished that Susan continued to send Loudoun’s paper with the Federalist in succession from the 25th of January. Although Loudoun was not the most esteemed in New York, Kean felt he was one of the most clean and cogent reasoners. If it was to be published, Kean requested Susan send it to him. Charles Pinckney felt the power of Cupid’s Dart, the divinity of his adoration was Miss Laurens (Mary Eleanor Laurens). Kean sent a few birds to Mrs. De La Forest that he preserved according to her specifications including a male and female red bird, a blue bird, and a nonpareil hummingbird.

Note: This letter is incomplete as it starts with page 2.

People mentioned: Celia [enslaved], Sarah [enslaved], two children [enslaved], Charles Pinckney, Mary Eleanor Laurens, David Ramsay, Henry Laurens, and Beaumanoir De Laforest.

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John Kean (1756-1795)


Susan Kean, formerly Susan Livingston and later Susan Ursin Niemcewicz (1759-1833)

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John Kean to Susan Kean, April 1788