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Gustavus Risberg wrote from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Susan Kean in Elizabethtown, New Jersey. Risberg informed Susan that he paid $112.50 for the second installment of the new loan and enclosed the certificates. The Insurance Shares (50 in total) were still standing in Risberg’s name as it saved the trouble of a power of attorney receiving the dividends. Mr. Williams had gone to serve as Aid de Camp to General Macpherson on the Northampton expedition and did not have an opportunity to see him. Mr. G. Willing was also engaged on the expedition to Northampton and the rent would remain unpaid until his return. The business with Mr. Meade made little progress and no satisfaction would be made unless Susan brought a suit at law against him. Dr. Rush informed Risberg that he would keep his promise and as soon as Mr. Meade accepted the watercourse he pointed out, the deed would be executed on Susan’s behalf.

People mentioned: Dr. Benjamin Rush, Mr. Meade, Peter Kean, Mr. Williams, General Macpherson, and Mr. G. Willing.


Gustavus Risberg


Susan Kean, formerly Susan Livingston and later Susan Ursin Niemcewicz (1759-1833)

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Liberty Hall Collection, 1711-1847 (bulk 1790-1830)

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Bay 1, Column 1, LHC Series 2


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Gustavus Risberg to Susan Kean, April 13, 1799


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