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Jessey Perovany wrote from Havana to Susan Kean, unaddressed. Perovany feared she did not receive her pardon for a request she made although it was with the best of intentions. She discussed a quarrel between her and a Spanish gentleman she had already given Susan an account of. They traveled together en route to Havana but stopped in Providence. Perovany pursued the remainder of the voyage alone on board an “old rotten Spanish schooner.” She had a baby boy and asked Susan to not tell her mother anything as she would “go down to the grave with sorrow” and her “old Calvinist friends” would hate and despise her. Perovany’s baby boy looked just like his father but had his mother’s eyes. The fifty dollars Susan lent was remitted three months prior as a bill of exchange of one hundred and fifty dollars, the one hundred for Perovany’s mother. She and Mr. Perovany extended their compliments to Mr. Niemcewitz. Satin sold in Havana extremely well and Perovany purchased a black one for church that cost sixty dollars. To be in fashion one must have had a massy bracelet of Spanish gold worn on the middle of the left arm, a chaplet of the same metal, and a superb fan that was valued at about two hundred dollars. Then, a lady entered church, kneeled, and sat on a fine carpet flat on the ground. Extended well wishes to Peter and mutual acquaintances.

People mentioned: Julian Niemcewicz and Peter Kean


Jessey Perovany


Susan Kean, formerly Susan Livingston, and later Susan Ursin Niemcewicz (1759-1833)

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Jessey Perovany to Susan Kean, November 25, 1799


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