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David Ramsay wrote to John Kean in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ramsay informed Kean that Mr. Abendenons would likely trouble him in transferring his certificates to Charleston. An advertisement was published in the newspapers that called on the stockholders to meet to nominate bank officers. Suggested bank officers should immediately decide on the question of branches. Hoped that South Carolina would no longer be a depressed state and abounded in money exports and every species of wealth. Sincerely wished that the importation of African Americans would end. Ramsay claimed that the alarms and insurrections of the West Indies would likely be repeated in South Carolina if the African American population increased. This was a reference to the 1791 slave revolts in Saint Domingue [later Haiti] which resulted in a large number of white refugees migrating to Charleston.) Ramsay noted in the postscript that since he wrote the above, the election for the bank officers had finished. He enclosed the reports along with the advertisement on which the election proceeded.

People mentioned: Joseph Abendanon


David Ramsay


John Kean (1756-1795)

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David Ramsay to John Kean, April 8, 1792