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Grimke wrote to John Kean, addressed to Philadelphia, PA. Grimke updated Kean on business: Wilkie (Indents and indigo), Aithen (paid), certificates to be subscribed, a letter received from Thomas Shubrick included updates on the following accounts: Samual Grove, Edward Davies, Box and Lavien, with Thomas Shubrick and Shubrick and Clempson.

Grimke is "mortified that [Aedanus] Burke has not returned" to office. Grimke doesn't expect to see President George Washington on his Southern Tour of 1791, and he doubts he'll get the office he wants to hold [possibly Supreme or local Court Justice]. Grimke thanked John for his efforts related to being a Judge and others: William Smith, Mr. Izard, Mr. J. [John] Rutledge, and at the end of the letter, Theus.

He commented on Rhode Island, an Indian Expedition (to civilize and incorporate Native Americans into American society). He talked at great length about his father, recently deceased, who cut Grimke out of his will while he was Northward (Rhode Island, New York). Grimke received a letter from Mr. Smith and will follow his advice.

Grimke's son, Tom, asks if Peter wears breeches.


John Faucheraud Grimke (1752-1819)


John Kean (1755-1795)

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Liberty Hall Collection, 1711-1847 (bulk 1790-1830)

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John Faucheraud Grimke to John Kean, April 15, 1790


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