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Beaumanoir de la Forest wrote from Paris, France to an unknown correspondent (likely Susan Niemcewicz) Forest extended her condolences on the death of Susan’s mother. Claimed that America was a terrible country for sudden changes of luck, one day you were sick and the next the reverse. Though she did not have a great love for America since it was not her country, she would always remember how pleasant it was and would return to pay a visit. Her children Eliza, Caroline, and Angelica would soon be young ladies. The first two were tall for their ages and Angelica was a sweet girl. Mentioned Alexander Hamilton and how he was her favorite amongst the Americans although she was ready to not be so cordial with him. If the reports were true, Hamilton was too in love with the English, and the English were “wicked people” always blowing the fire of war while they (the French) were in earnest to extinguish it. Mr. Otto was appointed Commissary for the Exchange of Prisoners to London. Forest also discussed mutual acquaintances and family.


Beaumanoir de la Forest


Susan Ursin Niemcewicz, formerly Susan Livingston and Susan Kean (1759-1833)

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Paris, France


Liberty Hall Collection, 1711-1847 (bulk 1790-1830)

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Bay 1, Column 1, LHC Series 2


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Beaumanoir de la Forest to Susan U. Niemcewicz, July 13, 1800


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