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Susan Niemcewicz wrote from Elizabethtown, New Jersey to Julian Niemcewicz, unaddressed. Susan wrote her last favor to her husband, Julian in haste because she feared she would run out of time to send it. Susan was so elated to receive Julian’s long, detailed letters that she immediately went around to their friends to communicate her joy and to deliver Julian’s kind, obliging remembrances to them. Mr. and Mrs. Ricketts paid their respects to Julian and they constantly toasted to him. Little Sally recognized Julian’s picture and kissed it whenever she saw it. Discussed their mutual friends including the Dayton family. Feared for Julian’s safety and wished he would return with Mr. Otto or the Livingston family. Mr. Robert Kennedy’s family planned to sail for London and Susan requested that Julian meet with them because they would give a full account of everything in New York and their part of New Jersey. Angelica [Schuyler] Church lost her mother, Catherine Van Rensselaer Schuyler in March of 1803 and had been staying with her father, Philip Schuyler in Albany, New York. Susan continued to go into further detail regarding their mutual acquaintances and friends. Betty added another footman to their establishment and appeared to be attentive and desirous of pleasing Susan. Tom was a good boy although a master’s eye was requisite for him to properly fulfill his duty. Susan gave positive accounts of Philip and Sarah and made note that Polly was still with them and appeared much attached to Susan. Peter endeavored to be a gardener; it was Susan’s wish that Peter imitate Julian in everything except the use of tobacco. Discussed the southern property and disposing of her lands in Georgia. Tried to sell their property in Elizabethtown but did not feel she would be successful as there were many empty houses in Elizabethtown.

People mentioned: Mr. Otto, the Dayton family, Sally, Mariah, the Livingston family, the Kennedy family, the Bellasires family, Mr. and Mrs. Ricketts, Mrs. Angelica [Schuyler Church, Mrs. Cruger, Peter Kean, Robert Barnwell

This document refers to enslaved people and servants including Betty, Tom, Philip, Sarah, and Polly.


Susan Ursin Niemcewicz, formerly Susan Livingston and Susan Kean (1759-1833)


Julian Ursin Niemcewicz (1758-1841)

Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz (1758-1841)

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Elizabethtown, New Jersey


Liberty Hall Collection, 1711-1847 (bulk 1790-1830)

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Bay 1, Column 2, LHC Series 2


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Susan Niemcewicz to Julian Niemcewicz, April 14, 1803


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