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Julian Niemcewicz wrote from Warsaw, Poland to Susan Ursin Niemcewicz in Elizabethtown, New Jersey. Julian was favored with Susan’s letter dated the 20th of October and noted that her letters came to hand in a very irregular way. Julian already mentioned in a previous letter that he lost his youngest sister, a very affectionate and sensible women. She left him a lock of her hair, which he wore. Her death cast a melancholy gloom on his brother’s house as the church and the family vault she was interred at stood opposite the mansion. Julian received notice from Dresden that the parcel containing an embroidered Turkish handkerchief and an amethyst girdle bouilli had been fount and forwarded to Mr. Pitcairn in Hamburg. Reiterated the articles he listed in his last letter and to whom each item was to go to. Julian added another entry dated 26 April where he informed Susan that Mr. Pitcairn received the parcel with the Turkish handkerchief and an amethyst girdle bouilli and planned to forward it to New York in 10 days by Captain Rollin. Could not recall if he mentioned the marriage of Colonel Pollen. He and his wife planned to sail in the middle of January and it would be fortunate if they did not freeze. Mentioned that he met Louis XVIII and the Duchess and Duke of Angoulême (the Duchess was the unfortunate daughter of Louis XVI). Attended a Sunday service where a Priest who, although of Catholic pervasion, preached in the Methodist way. Added in the postscript that he too money with him to Paris in order to purchase things that would sell well in New York. If any of their friends were interested in jewelry or fashions, to send him their orders. Also contacted Mr. Gahn and asked which articles sold the best in the New York market.

People mentioned: George Augustus Pollen, Elizabeth Primrose (Gascoigne), Louis XVIII, the Duchess and Duke of Angoulême, Peter Kean, and Henry Gahn.


Julian Ursin Niemcewicz (1758-1841)

Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz (1758-1841)


Susan Kean, formerly Susan Livingston and later Susan Ursin Niemcewicz (1759-1833)

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Warsaw, Poland


Liberty Hall Collection, 1711-1847 (bulk 1790-1830)

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Bay 1, Column 1, LHC Series 2


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Julian Niemcewicz to Susan Niemcewicz, April 24, 1803


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