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Julian Niemcewicz wrote from Łańcut, Poland to Susan Niemcewicz in Elizabethtown, New Jersey. Julian received several of Susan’s letters, a few dated November and December of the year prior. By now, Julian suspected that Susan was acquainted with the war that broke out between two contending powers who fought for destruction or dominion. Unfortunately, the neutral countries and sea ports were involved in all the mischief of a cruel war. While Julian was on the wing to go to Hamburg, he found it had been blocked by land by the French and from sea by the British. Planned to leave Poland in a few weeks and head to France. Discussed articles he planned to purchase in France including jewels and lace and mentioned items he sent to Susan. In answer to Susan’s questions regarding disposing of or expanding their house in Elizabethtown, Julian had no opinion. He only asked for a single room for himself where he could devote many hours to his studies and composition. Julian was introduced to Archduke Charles and they discussed America. Visited the home of Princess Lubomirska and wished Susan and Peter could see the old Gothic castle and its fortifications and drawn bridges. Added a postscript dated the 28th. Julian had just received word from Mr. Pitcairn warning him not to sail to Hamburg. Asked for Susan’s opinion on how he should return home to America.

People mentioned Mr. and Mrs. De La Forest, Archduke Charles, Princess Lubomirska, Mr. Pitcairn, and servants Tom, Philip, and Betty.


Julian Ursin Niemcewicz (1758-1841)

Julian Ursin Niemcewicz (1758-1841)


Susan Ursin Niemcewicz, formerly Susan Livingston and Susan Kean (1759-1833)

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Łańcut, Poland


Liberty Hall Collection, 1711-1847 (bulk 1790-1830)

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Julian Niemcewicz to Susan Niemcewicz, September 20, 1803


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