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George Van Brugh Brown wrote from Haddington, Scotland to Peter Kean in Elizabethtown, New Jersey. George informed his cousin, Peter that he wrote to him last March but since he never received a response, he was apprehensive that his letter ever reached Peter. Grieved to observe by the latest accounts from New York that the fever again commenced its ravages in that city as well as several other parts in America. Trusted the winter weather would expel it. Sorry to inform him that a fever of the same kind made its appearance in his part of the world and many lives were lost, particularly in Gibraltar. The Lieutenant Governor was among the number. The fever was brought from Malaga by some people who escaped and took refuge in the garrison where they afterward died. There was very little public news in Europe worth sharing. The latest news that made noise was an intercepted letter written by order of the Emperor Napoleon to the Consult General at New York, Louis André Pichon in which great fault was found with M. Jerome (Jérôme Bonaparte) marrying Miss Paterson (Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte). Jérôme Bonaparte would be forgiven provided he returned to France in the first French Frigate and left his wife in America. By all accounts, Miss Paterson’s connections were very respectable and she herself was a lovely amiable young woman. George stressed how critical the situation in Europe was. Extended his kindest regards to Peter’s mother, Susan, and asked Peter to inform her how much George felt for her and many other friends at the melancholy death of Genl. Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton). George had the honor of knowing him in America and he was a near relation to Mrs. Brown. Asked if Julian Niemcewicz returned home and issued his kindest regards to their mutual friends and family.

People mentioned: Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis André Pichon, Jérôme Bonaparte, Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte, Alexander Hamilton, Julian Niemcewicz, and Susan Ursin Niemcewicz.

Places mentioned: France and New York.


George Van Brugh Brown (b. 1775)


Peter Philip James Kean (1788-1828)

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Haddington, Scotland


Liberty Hall Collection, 1711-1847 (bulk 1790-1830)

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Bay 1, Column 1, LHC Series 2


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George Van Brugh Brown to Peter Kean, November 16, 1804


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