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John Grimke wrote from Charleston, South Carolina to Susan Kean, unaddressed. Grimke informed Susan that he had recently returned to Charleston and his attorney received from Mr. Reed the amount of the two payments that Susan’s brother (Philip) made on account of the monies paid by Grimke on Susan’s Santee Canal Shares. His attorney also informed him that he advanced another payment on Susan’s scrip of $64.29. Expressed his disappointment that Colo. Senf (John Christian Senf) deceived them. They were now in the month of January and were called on for a further subscription of $128.57. All of the proprietors were extremely disappointed at the length of time their engineer was taking to do the work. Senf had already doubled the first estimate he laid before the Directors for the total expense. Hoped there was a probability of the Santee Canal being completed and it becoming a lucrative part of his fortune. Mrs. Grimke received an old letter from Susan that she only just received on account of their long absence from Charleston. Grimke expressed his thanks for Susan’s attention to him in the prescription forwarded, but the disorder he suffered from was asthma. Mrs. Grimke would have responded to Susan herself, but Grimke suffered from an asthma attack as soon as they arrived in Charleston and Mrs. G was therefore preoccupied with her family affairs. Their second daughter struck her elbow against a teapot and scalded her right arm from her wrist to her shoulder. Hoped she would not lose the use of her arm, nor contracture at the elbow. As it began to suppurate, it required all of Mrs. G’s attention.


John Faucheraud Grimké (1752 - 1819)


Susan Kean, formerly Susan Livingston, and later Susan Ursin Niemcewicz (1759-1833)

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Charleston, South Carolina


Liberty Hall Collection, 1711-1847 (bulk 1790-1830)

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Bay 1, Column 1, LHC Series 2


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John Grimke to Susan Kean, January 14, 1800


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