The institution’s strategy was to establish a Working Group (WG) for Evidence Inventory, composed of two co-Chairs and two members. The charge of this WG is to assure that each assertion of fact within the Self Study has supporting evidence. Each of the co-Chairs also serve as members of the MSCHE Self-Study Steering Committee to allow regular updates for evidence inventory and to address any requests for specific evidence. Any queries received from other WGs are submitted to a contact person in the Evidence Inventory WG. This WG serves as an information hub for the institution’s Self-Study process and meets on a bimonthly basis, beginning on July 9.

Evidence is collected from institutional sources including, but not limited to, the Office of Institutional Research, the Office of Accreditation and Assessment, the Department of Human Resources and the Registrar. If needed, further analysis can be conducted by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

For more information or to submit your evidence please contact, Dr. Franklin Turner, or Muhammad Hassan,


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Reports on Independent Admissions, Eric Yang Ph.D.